Thrilling Space Combat

Engage in intense dogfights with rival factions, ruthless pirates, and enigmatic aliens in third person, first person or cockpit view. Utilize your piloting skills, tactical maneuvers, and an arsenal of weapons to emerge victorious. Whether you prefer precision strikes or all-out firepower, the combat system offers a thrilling experience for every aspiring space warrior.

Endless Customization And Upgrades

Choose from over a dozen of unique ships and customize each one with over 100 different items that will meet your needs. Upgrade your weapons, shields or engine, to become the most dangerous fighter in the galaxy, or choose from trading devices such as tractor beams, hidden compartments or passenger cabins to go the smuggling route.

Trade Your Way To Riches

Become wealthy by trading goods between star systems, extracting valuable minerals, or smuggling illegal goods. If you choose the smuggler route, be wary of police patrols!

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Set sail on your own ship and navigate through a variety of gorgeous space sets, each with several interest points. Roam between safe, high security systems, trade in the independent border worlds or choose the danger of the pirate systems. Discover caches hidden in the deepest corners of the galaxy.

Experience A Rich Galactic Story

Immerse yourself in a captivating story with 10 hours of gameplay and full voice acting. Meet charismatic characters, uncover ancient secrets, and engage in the most epic space battles. The fate of mankind and the universe lies in your hands.

Gorgeous Visuals

Explore a stunning universe brought to life with gorgeous visuals and unique atmosphere design. From the vastness of space to the bustling spaceports and planetary landscapes, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a truly immersive experience.

Get Rewarded In Side Missions

Get rewarded when you take on a variety of side missions, from mining minerals on contract and escorting friendly ships through dangerous zones, to winning the space racing championship.

A New Deluxe Experience

Stellar Wanderer DX features many improvements to its space systems, visuals, and gameplay to provide a new deluxe experience. Space systems have been rebuilt from scratch and expanded with new points of interest. Environments, ships, cockpits, and more have been reworked and improved with a higher level of detail. Various gameplay mechanics, controls, and settings have been tweaked to provide a better experience.

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