Sky Racket And Slap City Physical Editions Launching 2023 For Nintendo Switch™️

Today, independent physical game publisher 1Print Games is excited to announce its next two physical releases for Nintendo Switch, Sky Racket and Slap City. Both titles are scheduled to launch in 2023. A triple set consisting of In Other Waters, Sky Racket, and Slap City is currently available for pre-order and scheduled to ship in Q2 2023 (pre-order here). Individual pre-orders for Sky Racket and Slap City will open separately in 2023 when they come in-hand.

Double Dash Studio’s shoot’em up and block breaker mashup, Sky Racket, will be released physically for the first time exclusively via 1Print Games in 2023. Dodge, dive, and grab your laser tennis racket battling a horde of fluffy enemies trying to blow you up back to the ground!

Ludosity’s platform fighting game, Slap City, will be released physically for the first time exclusively via 1Print Games in 2023! Featuring Ludosity fan favorite characters such as Ittle Dew and Princess Remedy, casual and competitive players can enjoy 9 game modes, online crossplay, tons of unlockable content, and much more.

The third triple set featuring In Other Waters, Sky Racket, and Slap City is currently available for pre-order on the 1Print Games website (pre-order here), scheduled to ship in Q2 2023.

The In Other Waters Limited Edition physical release is currently available to purchase on the 1Print Games website (buy here). The physical edition is complete-on-cart with the latest updates.

Inside the In Other Waters Limited Edition, players will find a copy of the Nintendo Switch game with inner cover artwork, “AI Housing” Acrylic Keychain, “BAIKAL Extrasolar Data Packet” booklet, In Other Waters Numbered Authenticity Card, and In Other Waters Logo Sticker.

In Other Waters is a serene aquatic adventure where you play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. Enjoy a non-violent sci-fi story, enter a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability, and unravel the history and ecology of an impossible planet. The game is the winner of the Indiecade 2019 Jury Prix Award and has received critical acclaim from media such as GameSpot and The Washington Post.


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In Other Waters (Nintendo Switch) product page

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About 1Print Games

1Print Games is an independent publisher of physical indie games for Nintendo Switch established in 2019 by life-long Nintendo fans and gamers Iggy and Nitro. 1Print Games is a publisher that seeks to deliver high quality products and celebrate awesome indie games with everyone around the world.

About Jump Over the Age

Jump Over the Age is a one-person game development studio founded by Gareth Damian Martin (they/them) .

“An accomplished world-builder” – Edge Magazine

“An immense talent” – Chris Plante, Editor-in-Chief, Polygon

Gareth is an award-winning writer, designer and artist. Their first game, In Other Waters won the Jury Prix at IndieCade Europe, and was widely praised by critics for its “hypnotic art, otherworldly audio and captivating writing” (Eurogamer). Their second, Citizen Sleeper was equally critically acclaimed, and its prose was named “some of the best in all of video games” (Vice).

Gareth’s criticism has been published in a wide variety of forms, from Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun to Edge Magazine and Frieze Magazine. They are the editor and creator of Heterotopias, an independent zine about games and architecture, and have lectured on the history and theory of games and architecture at the world-renowned Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Their game photography has been shown at London’s Photographer’s Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, as well as being published in the British Journal of Photography. Gareth also holds a PhD in experimental literature from Royal Holloway, University of London.

About Fellow Traveller

Fellow Traveller is an indie games publishing label exploring the possibility space of what narrative games can be. Since our founding in 2012, we have sought out and partnered with pioneering game developers working on unusual games with narrative at their core.

You may know us from the serene underwater sci-fi adventure (In Other Waters), the murder mystery with a cast of otherworldly suspects (Paradise Killer), the political RPG in which you lead a broken country your first term as President (Suzerain), or the noir adventure set before, during, and after the Big Bang (Genesis Noir).

Join us on a journey into a world of surprising games and unusual stories.

About Double Dash Studios

Created in 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Double Dash Studios wants to give everyone the possibility to get involved, to feel connected with something that brings you good memories but also reflection. For this, they developed games that allow consumers to create bonds through the most different aspects of the game world with visual, sound, mechanical or emotional connections. They make games with original IPs, such as “Sky Racket”, as well as licensed IPs and game-related services, such as our partnerships with various companies and franchises.

About Ludosity

Ludosity is a kick-ass game development studio based in Sweden, that’s been around a lot longer than you think and made all these great games, damn you should really check all of their games out, anyway, Ludosity is super proud to work with 1Print Games and release beautifully packaged versions of Slap City and Ittle Dew for the Nintendo Switch!